At YL Consulting Inc. we specialize in consulting services for Business and Project Management. These services include business plan design, marketing plan, corporate processes, management, planning and control of projects for diverse industries.


Business Management Consulting

YL Consulting Inc. will help you analyze and evaluate new businesses, investments, or projects to maximize your profitability.

Business Plan:

The Business Plan is based on the financial evaluation of the project/investment that the client needs to implement. YL Consulting Inc. reviews the economic factors involved in the original concept such as: cash flow, needed investments, actual costs, market value, productivity, and return rate. This allows us to design the business model, evaluate its projection in time, determine the financial feasibility, and share it to third parties.

Marketing Plan:

After completing the business plan, we explore alternatives to promote the product, project, or business. Our job is to identify the best sales strategies and develop a plan of action that permits the launching of the product as "unique" in its category. Our clients receive the tools to visualize competitive advantages and achieve success.

Risk Analysis:

The risks that can arise in a project/business can have a positive or negative effect caused by internal or external variables. These risks can be defined as technical, organizational, or unknown to the business itself. At YL Consulting Inc. we develop the process of identifying and analyzing proactive actions needed to optimize the impact of positive events and reduce that of adverse events.

Operations Management:

YL Consulting Inc. evaluates the internal operating processes. This diagnosis operates for large or small companies, adding value to the organizational culture. We guide you in the process of developing the operations manual, which includes all areas of operation of your business.

Project Management Consulting

At YL Consulting Inc. we have the tools to manage your project with a technically structured method, which guarantees its completion on time and at the allocated budget, avoiding cost overruns. Project management is our passion. Our services include the process of project management from the conceptual phase to the delivery of the project and start-up. We can assist on-site or as out-sourcing adviser.

Planing and Control Management:

Planning is the key process, the spinal column of any project, which should fully consider the variables of cost, time, scope, resources, and risks. Not less important is monitoring and controlling the project/investment to deliver satisfactorily on time and fulfill the scope without varying the original plan and budget. YL Consulting Inc. has extensive experience in defining, anticipating, coordinating, understanding, and measuring the impact of each of these variables, therefore optimizing the lines of action aimed at achieving the success of the project during its development.

Supply Chain Management:

Developing a project and purchasing management can become the critical path of the work plan. We offer support in the evaluation and selection of suppliers, follow-up of the process of manufacturing, storage, and final delivery of the goods, with a broad view of the supply chain. We emphasize building strong ties with suppliers to create synergy, ensuring consistency and accuracy of delivery times.

Contract Management:

In some projects, conflicts may arise because of delays in the dates of delivery of materials and equipment or because of changes in the original scope. YL Consulting Inc. analyzes and revises the contractual documents, change orders, drafts, and any communication associated with the claim. We design a strategy that allows the customer to get a response that ensures solutions covered in the contract scope.

Quality Management Control:

Quality as a differentiator in today's competitive market, is considered of great importance for any product or service. Complying with the standards of control and quality assurance has become necessary to attract customers. YL Consulting Inc. understands that, in relation to a product, quality control is process-directed and quality assurance is practice-oriented. We adapt to the standards required by the client.


Oil and Gas

Project Management for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects (EPC) for PDVSA, and private/public sector in Venezuela.

Financial Services Adviser

Evaluation of business opportunities in Central and South America for North American financial consulting companies.


Design a business plan for the promotion of new products on all source of media.


Analysis of new opportunities for investments in the hotel industry in USA and Caribbean. Providing clientele with sound economic and financial feasibility studies, project evaluation, and supply chain management.

Real Estate Development

Analysis and evaluation of opportunities to build new residential and commercial development.

Non-Profit Organizations

Improve fundraising strategies to support international organizations.

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